CREATE Worldwide

CREATE Worldwide – the podcast for architecture students & recent grads. Each week our young professionals Paulina Escobar & Tom Sagliocca give their perspective on what it’s like to work in an architecture & design studio. From personal anecdotes to interviews, CREATE Worldwide tells the whole story for individuals looking to enter the field.

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Architecture & The City

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

On today's episode, Tom and Anusha discuss that it's like to work and live in New York City. Hear their experiences working next to the Empire State Building, school projects involving Grand Central Station, and the difference in daily commutes! 

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

On today's episode Paulina hosts our panel spanning across five continents! Hear all about the office's diverse perspectives spanning from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America come together under one roof at CREATE. Plus, hear how they've each taken their unique experiences in their home countries and brought them to work in New York City. 

Friday Jul 21, 2023

On today's episode, Paulina talks with our summer High School interns Gio and Ava. Hear all about their time in the office this summer and what their biggest takeaways have been from their first working experience. Site visits, to workplace culture, to cleaning out the closet, the interns have seen everything in their first 2 to 4 weeks. 

Adjusting to New Work

Friday Jun 16, 2023

Friday Jun 16, 2023

Paulina & Tom are back discussing the topic of adjusting to new work in the office. Hear all about their perspectives on programs they use on a daily basis and how their techniques have evolved over the past year. Plus learn how different programs can be used throughout a project. An insightful & casual conversation regarding the backbone & behind the scenes of how a project gets done! 

James is back!!

Friday Jun 02, 2023

Friday Jun 02, 2023

Paulina & Tom are back with intern James! James is back for his second summer at CREATE and today takes us through a recap of his Sophomore Year at Catholic University. Topics include his first Architecture Studio class, how he has been managing all his work & the advantages he had this year compared to his classmates due to his internship last year. 

AI vs Architecture

Thursday May 04, 2023

Thursday May 04, 2023

Paulina & Tom are back discussing the advtanges and disadvantages of AI in architecture. How can a person or firm benefit from using AI in their projects? What problems could arise if a company or person abuses AI for projects and what implications could that have? 

Friday Apr 28, 2023

Paulina & Tom are joined today by the Founder & CEO of Parasoleil Uriah Bueller. Thanks so much to Uriah for joining us, appreciate all of the time, insight & stories! Hope you enjoy hearing all about his career perspective and path.

Thoughts on Building Design

Thursday Apr 20, 2023

Thursday Apr 20, 2023

Paulina and Tom are back discussing all that goes into a building’s design. From meeting code, to attracting viewers’ eyes, every decision has its own repercussions and effects. Plus, hear all about the key aspects in designing a commercial building and the importance of perspective. 

Thursday Apr 06, 2023

Paulina & Tom are back discussing how a project actually comes to life and materialize. Choosing materials, colors, manufacturers are just some of the steps required in taking a design and applying it to the real world. Plus, hear all about Lunch & Learns and how they assist in teaching architects about new products. 

If only we had known...

Friday Mar 24, 2023

Friday Mar 24, 2023

Paulina & Tom are back taking a trip down memory lane. From first day on the job stories to advice they've received along the way, hear all about their experiences in the office! Plus, what's the difference in their mentalities and knowledge from the first day they stepped foot in CREATE to today! 

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